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Jongbum Won†, Jihong Bae†, Hyesoo Kim, Taeyoung Kim, Narguess Nemati, Sangjin Choi, Myung-Chul Jung, Sungsoon Kim, Hong Choi, Bokyeong Kim, Dana Jin, Minjun Kim, Myung Joon Han, Jong-Young Kim, and Wooyoung Shim* († equally contributed)
Polytypic Two-Dimensional FeAs with High Anisotropy
Nano Lett., 23 (23), 11057–11065
Date: Dec 4, 2023

In the realm of two-dimensional (2D) crystal growth, the chemical composition often determines the thermodynamically favored crystallographic structures. This relationship poses a challenge in synthesizing novel 2D crystals without altering their chemical elements, resulting in the rarity of achieving specific crystallographic symmetries or lattice parameters. We present 2D polymorphic FeAs crystals that completely differ from bulk orthorhombic FeAs (Pnma), differing in the stacking sequence, i.e., polytypes. Preparing polytypic FeAs outlines a strategy for independently controlling each symmetry operator, which includes the mirror plane for 2Q-FeAs (I4/mmm) and the glide plane for 1Q-FeAs (P4/nmm). As such, compared to bulk FeAs, polytypic 2D FeAs shows highly anisotropic properties such as electrical conductivity, Young’s modulus, and friction coefficient. This work represents a concept of expanding 2D crystal libraries with a given chemical composition but various crystal symmetries.

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