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M.S/Ph.D Program

Department of Nano Biomedical Engineering (Nano BME)

Department of Nano Biomedical Engineering (Nano BME), provides cutting-edge education and training in nanoscience and nanomedicine. We aim to foster scientific leaders with global minds at the highest intellectual level. Our graduate program is targeted on nanoscience-driven biomedical engineering which focuses on Nano Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. The Nano BME is an interdisciplinary field and we educate our graduate students with scientific excellency in nano-bio interface research. We provide state-of-the-art infrastructures for students to achieve the best scientific accomplishments. We strongly promote communication, openness, and creativity during the M.S./Ph.D courses to meet the global standards after graduation. 


M.S and Ph.D. Program

We are running M.S, Ph.D., and MS/Ph.D. integrated degree programs. The basic philosophy of our MS and Ph.D. program is to recruit the very best students in sciences and engineering, to educate them the cutting-edge technologies in nanoscience and life sciences, and to train them to conduct original research of biomedical problems of fundamental importance. Our research programs span the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, bioengineering, material science, physics, biology, and medicine. They encompass both traditional and modern disciplines. Our lecture program provides an insight into the latest advances in the emerging science and nanomedicine, while the laboratory course aims to make new discoveries by examining the diverse and complex phenomena in chemical, physical and biological processes. 

Nano BME program is supported by the Insititute for Basic Science (IBS) Center for Nanomedicine (CNM), which makes Nano BME program different from the other BME programs in Korea. A dedicated building named IBS Hall and core-facilities including electron microscopes, micro/nano fab, animal facilities, etc are provided by IBS CNM and students can take advantage of these state-of-the-art infrastructures for their own researches.  

Co-advisor System

  • 2+ advisors with different research backgrounds during the Ph.D. course
  • Interdisciplinary education

Global Scientist Program (GSP)

  • Overseas collaboration program & global operation with world top universities (max. 1 yr overseas training)
  • Global symposium and conferences



Application and admission are processed as scheduled by the Yonsei University Graduate School (http://graduate.yonsei.ac.kr).

1st stage: All applicants must submit required documents (including personal statement, CV, English qualification certificate, and application form) to Yonsei University Graduate School. Applicants who passed this stage will be informed of an interview schedule.
Visit http://graduate.yonsei.ac.kr/graduate/admission/general_schedule.do for application download.

2nd stage: Interview


Tuition and Funding

Graduate Program of Nano Biomedical Engineering (BME) is supported by IBS CNM and provides a scholarship.

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