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Weifeng Zhang†, Mengwei Wu†, Yan Zhang, Hongyi Yan, Yangjin Lee, Zihan Zhao, He Hao, Xiaohu Shi, Zhaoxian Zhang, Kwanpyo Kim, and Nan Liu* († equally contributed)
Paraffin-Enabled Superlattice Customization for a Photostimulated Gradient-Responsive Artificial Reflex Arc
Adv. Mater., online published
Date: Feb 12, 2024

The development of photostimulated-motion artificial reflex arcs — a neural circuit inspired by light-driven motion reflexes — holds significant promises for advancements in robotic perception, navigation, and motion control. However, the fabrication of such systems, especially those that accommodate multiple actions and exhibit gradient responses, remains challenging. Here, a gradient-responsive photostimulated-motion artificial reflex arc is developed by integrating a programmable and tunable photoreceptor based on folded MoS2 at different twist angles. The twisted folded bilayer MoS2 used as photoreceptors can be customized via the transfer technique using patternable paraffin, where the twist angle and fold-line could be controlled. The photoluminescence (PL) intensity is 3.7 times higher at a twist angle of 29° compared to that at 0°, showing a monotonically decreasing indirect bandgap. Through tunable interlayer carrier transport, photoreceptors fabricated using folded bilayer MoS2 at different twist angles demonstrate gradient response time, enabling the photostimulated-motion artificial reflex arc for multiaction responses. They are transformed to digital command flow and studied via machine learning to control the gestures of a robotic hand, showing a prototype of photostimulated gradient-responsive artificial reflex arcs for the first time. This work provides a unique idea for developing intelligent soft robots and next-generation human–computer interfaces.

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