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Jae-Hyun Lee†, Yong-Min Huh†, Young-wook Jun, Jung-wook Seo, Jung-tak Jang, Ho-Taek Song, Sungjun Kim,Eun-Jin Cho, Ho-Geun Yoon, Jin-Suck Suh*, and Jinwoo Cheon* († equally contributed)
Artificially Engineered Magnetic Nanoparticles for Ultra-Sensitive Molecular Imaging
Nat. Med., 13 (1), 95-99
Date: Jan 5, 2007


Successful development of ultra-sensitive molecular imaging nanoprobes for the detection of targeted biological objects is a challenging task. Although magnetic nanoprobes have the potential to perform such a role, the results from probes that are currently available have been far from optimal. Here we used artificial engineering approaches to develop innovative magnetic nanoprobes, through a process that involved the systematic evaluation of the magnetic spin, size and type of spinel metal ferrites. These magnetism-engineered iron oxide (MEIO) nanoprobes, when conjugated with antibodies, showed enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sensitivity for the detection of cancer markers compared with probes currently available. Also, we successfully visualized small tumors implanted in a mouse. Such high-performance, nanotechnology-based molecular probes could enhance the ability to visualize other biological events critical to diagnostics and therapeutics.


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