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Hayoung Song†, Haein Shin†, Hunkyu Seo, Wonjung Park, Byung Jun Joo, Jeongho Kim, Jeonghyun Kim*, Hong Kyun Kim*, Jayoung Kim*, and Jang-Ung Park* († equally contributed)
Wireless Non-Invasive Monitoring of Cholesterol Using a Smart Contact Lens
Adv. Sci., 9 (28), 2203597
Date: Aug 17, 2022

Herein, a wireless and soft smart contact lens that enables real-timequantitative recording of cholesterol in tear fluids for the monitoring ofpatients with hyperlipidemia using a smartphone is reported. This contactlens incorporates an electrochemical biosensor for the continuous detectionof cholesterol concentrations, stretchable antenna, and integrated circuits forwireless communication, which makes a smartphone the only device requiredto operate this lens remotely without obstructing the wearer’s vision. Thehyperlipidemia rabbit model is utilized to confirm the correlation betweencholesterol levels in tear fluid and blood and to confirm the feasibility of thissmart contact lens for diagnostic application of cholesterol-related diseases.Further in vivo tests with human subjects demonstrated its goodbiocompatibility, wearability, and reliability as a non-invasive healthcaredevice.

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