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Young-hoon Kim†, Nahye Kim†, Ikenna Okafor†, Sungchul Choi, Seonwoo Min, Joonsun Lee, Seung-Min Bae, Keunwoo Choi, Janice Choi, Vinayak Harihar, Youngho Kim, Jin-Soo Kim, Benjamin P. Kleinstiver, Jungjoon K. Lee*, Taekjip Ha*, and Hyongbum Henry Kim* († equally contributed)
Sniper2L is a High-Fidelity Cas9 Variant with High Activity
Nat. Chem. Biol., 19, 972–980
Date: Mar 9, 2023

Although several high-fidelity SpCas9 variants have been reported, it has been observed that this increased specificity is associated with reduced on-target activity, limiting the applications of the high-fidelity variants when efficient genome editing is required. Here, we developed an improved version of Sniper–Cas9, Sniper2L, which represents an exception to this trade-off trend as it showed higher specificity with retained high activity. We evaluated Sniper2L activities at a large number of target sequences and developed DeepSniper, a deep learning model that can predict the activity of Sniper2L. We also confirmed that Sniper2L can induce highly efficient and specific editing at a large number of target sequences when it is delivered as a ribonucleoprotein complex. Mechanically, the high specificity of Sniper2L originates from its superior ability to avoid unwinding a target DNA containing even a single mismatch. We envision that Sniper2L will be useful when efficient and specific genome editing is required.

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