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Jeongsu Jang†, Joonho Kim†, Dongchul Sung†, Jong Hyuk Kim, Joong-Eon Jung, Sol Lee, Jinsub Park, Chaewoon Lee, Heesun Bae, Seongil Im, Kibog Park, Young Jai Choi*, Suklyun Hong*, and Kwanpyo Kim* († equally contributed)
Electrical Transport Properties Driven by Unique Bonding Configuration in γ-GeSe
Nano Lett., 23 (8), 3144–3151
Date: Apr 7, 2023

Group IV monochalcogenides have recently shown great potential for their thermoelectric, ferroelectric, and other intriguing properties. The electrical properties of group IV monochalcogenides exhibit a strong dependence on the chalcogen type. For example, GeTe exhibits high doping concentration, whereas S/Se-based chalcogenides are semiconductors with sizable bandgaps. Here, we investigate the electrical and thermoelectric properties of γ-GeSe, a recently identified polymorph of GeSe. γ-GeSe exhibits high electrical conductivity (∼106 S/m) and a relatively low Seebeck coefficient (9.4 μV/K at room temperature) owing to its high p-doping level (5 × 1021 cm–3), which is in stark contrast to other known GeSe polymorphs. Elemental analysis and first-principles calculations confirm that the abundant formation of Ge vacancies leads to the high p-doping concentration. The magnetoresistance measurements also reveal weak antilocalization because of spin–orbit coupling in the crystal. Our results demonstrate that γ-GeSe is a unique polymorph in which the modified local bonding configuration leads to substantially different physical properties.

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