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M.S/Ph.D Program


Course Information

Coursework Requirement:

  • M.S. Program: 30 Credits of coursework.
  • Ph.D. Program: 30 Credits of coursework.
  • M.S. & Ph.D. integrated Program: 54 Credits of coursework.


The curriculum consists of core courses, electives and seminars and special experiments.

  1. Core courses focus on Nanoscience and nanobiotechnology.
    • Introduction to Nanobiotechnology
    • Advanced Topics in Nanoscience and Nanomaterials
    • Nanoscience for Biologists
  2. Electives are chosen by students in consultation with the head of Nano Biomedical Engineering department and can be selected from other graduate course offering chemistry, physics, life science, materials engineering, chemical engineering, medicine and other disciplinary fields.
    • (Chemistry) Advanced Organic Chemistry I, II
    • (Chemistry) Advanced Physical Chemistry I, II
    • (Chemistry) Advanced Analytical Chemistry I, II
    • (Physics) Solid State Physics I, II
    • (Materials Science & Engineering) Magnetic Materials
    • (Materials Science & Engineering) Applied Electron Microscopy
    • (Materials Science & Engineering) Physics of Materials
    • (Materials Science & Engineering) Transparent Electronic Materials
    • (Biotechnology) Advanced Immunology
    • (Biotechnology) Molecular Cancer Biology
    • (Biotechnology) Cell Signaling
    • (Biotechnology) Molecular Cell Biology
    • (Biotechnology) Stem Cell Engineering
    • (Medicine) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
    • (Medicine) Principles in MR Imaging
  3. Seminars highlight cutting-edge research in Nano Biomedical Engineering
  4. Special experiments introduce students to basic concepts and tools of experimental design and analysis in biomedical research.

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